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Lift Chairs

Lift Chairs

Relax and Rejuvenate, more Easily than Ever.

Stay safe and comfortable in your own home with the right lift chair. If you have trouble standing or sitting and often need assistance in doing so, a lift chair is your solution for true independence. Having similar looks to standard recliners, lift chairs mechanically lean forward to help you sit or stand, and often come with additional convenient and relaxing features.

Find your much-needed lift chair at Heavenly Wheels. We offer superior lift chairs from the leading brand Golden Technologies for both rent and purchase. With a variety of chairs in-stock, please stop in and we'll help you determine the right lift chair for your medical needs!

Meet our Popular Lift Chairs:

Golden Cloud Lift Chairs

Golden Cloud Lift Chairs

The Golden Cloud is luxury- and comfort-driven. Plush padding, an overstuffed back design, and fine fabric make this chair the most comfortable model Golden Technologies has ever crafted.

Day Dreamer Lift Chairs

Day Dreamer Lift Chairs

The Day Dream lift chair features exclusive Power Pillow technology, letting you custom adjust your head and neck as you recline and change positions. Relax into a chair that truly fits you.

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Lift Chair Benefits & Common FAQs

Who is the Best Candidate for a Lift Chair? 

Lift chairs are ideal for anyone needing help getting in or out of their chair on a daily basis. This can be due to aging, arthritis, a recent surgery, or any other reason that limits their mobility.

How do Lift Chairs Benefit Seniors? 

Lift chairs return independence to a senior's lifestyle, allowing them to stay in their own home versus moving to a living facility. Lift chairs can take the place of a facility caregiver and are often more spacious and convenient than normal chairs.

Do Lift Chairs Serve Other Advantages than Safety & Ease of Lifting? 

Lift chairs can offer so much more than simply aiding in standing and sitting. Many lift chairs offer comfortable and convenient features for true relaxation, such as heat and massage options, pockets, and custom sizing. Furthermore, features such as heat and massage can be extremely therapeutic for those suffering from stiff and sore joints, back pain, arthritis, and other conditions.

Caregivers also benefit from lift chairs, as they're a safer way to help those they're caring for sit and stand while saving time.

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