Home-Access Medical Ramps

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Home-Accessibility Ramps from EZ Access and PVI 

Threshold and Portable Ramps in Metro Atlanta Area. 

Discover a solution for reclaiming independence in your home. Whether your mobility is impaired by age or disability, or temporarily limited from an injury or surgery, we have just what you need to safely and easily access anywhere you want to go. With affordable options from top brands like EZ Access and PVI, you’re sure to find just what you need to move freely again.

These ramps are a life-enhancing addition to any home, allowing users of wheelchairs, scooters and other mobility products to move about with ease. Whether you need help getting from room to room or need a ramp to get inside your house, we’ve got exactly what you need. Heavenly Wheels is proud to offer both portable and threshold ramps to enhance your mobility around the home. Browse our selection below and come by one of our convenient showrooms in Atlanta or Johns Creek, GA, to see them for yourself.

Not sure which devices are best for you? Our compassionate staff is always here to help you choose the best ramp for the unique shape of your home. We will even help you through the necessary steps of installing and utilizing the ramp, along with anything we can do to help you start living your life to the fullest again. What are you waiting for – reclaim mobility in your home with quality ramp solutions from EZ Access and PVI today.

"Heavenly Wheels has been awesome and their staff is wonderful! I needed a few ramps for my Aunt and they went above and beyond to get exactly what I needed when I needed it. They really are in this business to help accommodate their customers. Everything went so smoothly and exactly as they stated it would. I highly recommend Heavenly Wheels. They have a nice show room and can order whatever you need. They really are a 5-Star Organization!" - Christi I.

Top-Selling Brands of Accessibility Ramps

EZ Access Accessibility Ramps 

EZ Access Accessibility Ramps


With a wide selection of threshold and folding portable ramps, EZ Access is one of the most trusted brands in home-access products. You’ll discover the Gateway Solid Portable ramp that features handrails for on-the-go use, as well as the Transitions Angled-Entry Ramp for a more low-profile solution. With a wealth of options, you’re sure to find a mobility ramp perfect for your home.

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PVI Accessibility Ramps


Discover top-selling products like the Bariatric Multi-Fold Ramp that features 2 separate pieces for easy carrying, and a patented center joint for added strength. Among their selection of quality threshold and portable ramps you’ll also find the rust-proof Elev8 model that’s suited for outdoor use, and the Rubber Threshold Ramp that’s tested for maximum slip resistance with minimal installation requirements.


Make Your Home More Accessible with a
Portable or Threshold Ramp from Heavenly Wheels

Home Access Ramp FAQ

PVI Threshold Ramp

Where Do I Start?

When it comes to ramp styles, you have a few different options. Folding or portable ramps come in a range of lengths and they can be used on thresholds, over small staircases or up porch steps. Folding ramp types are easy to store, lightweight, affordable and secure. They don’t require installation because they can simply be set down where needed, then moved as necessary.

Modular ramps are often made out of aluminum to make them lightweight without sacrificing strength. They are easy to customize for any home and can be quickly installed by professionals. They are ADA compliant and don’t need inspections since they aren’t attached to your home permanently.

Finally, threshold ramps provide access specifically through doorways and entrances that are up to 4” in height. These ramps give you a smooth transition between rooms, or between the inside and outside of your home, since they can be used in either place.

PVI Modular Ramp

What Length Do I Need?

The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) recommends that you obtain a ramp with a ratio of 1:12, meaning one foot or 12” of ramp for every inch of rise. This is a safe ratio that will not be too steep. Check the recommendations for your particular mobility device to see what the maximum degree of incline is that they may be used on.

Home Access Portable Ramp

How Long Does Installation Take?

Not long at all! Installation of a home access ramp, whether portable or permanent, only takes a few days after the product arrives and an installation date is scheduled. You’ll quickly find yourself with an excellent and secure way to move around your home using your mobility aids.

If you’re ready to look into home access ramps for your home, your local dealer is Heavenly Wheels Inc. We serve the greater Atlanta metro area, with one location in Atlanta proper as well as one in the city of Johns Creek, Georgia. When you need assistance finding and installing your own home access ramp, whether it’s a threshold ramp or wheelchair ramp, come to see us! Our staff will be more than happy to help you find exactly the ramp you’re looking for.

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